Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year ’14

   Assalamualaikum . So , There's less than 10 minutes left until New Year, 2014 ! Despite a lot of ups and downs, I still couldn't thank Allah enough for all the blessings . It has been a tough year and quite a roller coaster ride, but that's life . Do not despair of Allah's mercy , that's what I think when i'm about to lose hope . There's an inspiring quotes that may be just what you need to turn your day around ; " Without the bad days , we can never really appreciate the good ones and there are so many good ones coming your way " . When  my sadness and problems won't go away , the best solution to improve my mood from feelin' down is literally 'doa' and think of Him ( Selawat / Zikr ) .
There's some more which are to stop overthinking..about the problems and find a peace of mind bro and just make myself busy as i can so the wind can blow away my problems , whooshh2 .. problem , problem , go away .just liddat , how i wish . haha i'm just kidding . When it comes to problem / sadness management, everyone has their own way to chill out . But we as a Muslim , already knew about the essential of du'a in our life . ''Orang yang menangis , tidak selamanya akan terus menangis . Bila tepat waktunya , tangisan tersebut Allah akan gantikan dengan rasa bahagia''Jazakallahu khaiyr ! Back to the topic . When it comes to new year , some people instantly give a negative emotions ( mostly muslims ) because our Islamic new year has already passed . Meanwhile , I don't see anything abnormal in thanking Allah for making us see the end of 2013 . And yeah i have my own resolutions I'd like to accomplish this year and Insya Allah it keeps going for the rest of my life . Thank you to my family and my friends for being with me on this 2013's journey and make my life complete ☺️❤️

Alhamdulillah , Ya Allah ! 


I wanna ;

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